Rohit Sharma’s Take on the Upcoming World Cup and Ravi Chandran Ashwin

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As the World Cup draws near, the cricketing world is abuzz with speculations, strategies, and preparations. Leading the Indian cricket team, skipper Rohit Sharma recently shared his insights and plans for the mega event.

Addressing the Press Ahead of the Third ODI

Rohit Sharma, in a recent press conference, spoke about the upcoming third ODI against Australia and his return to captaincy. The anticipation is palpable, and the stakes are high.

The Return of Ravichandran Ashwin

Ashwin’s Recent Performances

One of the highlights of the press conference was the discussion around veteran off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. While Ashwin had been away from the ODI scene for a while, his recent performances, especially in the second ODI against Australia, have been noteworthy. Rohit emphasized Ashwin’s class and experience, stating, “You cannot take away the class and the experience that the individual has over the years.” Ashwin’s versatility and variations make him a valuable asset, especially in high-pressure situations like the World Cup.

The Challenge of Player Availability

Axar Patel’s Injury and Squad Uncertainties

With Axar Patel nursing an injury and certain players down with viral sickness, the team’s composition remains uncertain. Rohit acknowledged these challenges but remained optimistic about the team’s preparations. He emphasized the importance of player well-being and ensuring everyone is fresh for the World Cup.

The Significance of Rankings

Staying in the Present and Focusing on the Game

While India recently achieved the No.1 ranking in ODIs, Rohit downplayed its significance. He stressed the importance of staying in the present and focusing on the game at hand. “You got to play good cricket and you got to stay in the present,” Rohit remarked, highlighting the team’s commitment to performing their best without getting swayed by past achievements or rankings.

Preparing for the World Cup

Challenging the Team in the Asia Cup and Australia Series

Rohit pointed out that the team has been pushing its limits in recent tournaments, including the Asia Cup and the series against Australia. These matches have been instrumental in testing the team’s mettle and preparing them for the challenges of the World Cup.

The Bigger Picture and Goals for the Team

While individual matches are important, Rohit emphasized the bigger picture – the World Cup. The team’s focus remains on the larger goal, ensuring consistent performances and rising to the occasion when it matters the most.


As the World Cup inches closer, the Indian cricket team, under Rohit Sharma’s leadership, seems well-prepared and determined. With a blend of experience and youth, the team is poised to take on the challenges and aim for the coveted title.


  1. Is Ravichandran Ashwin returning to the ODI squad?
    • Yes, considering his recent performances, Ashwin stands a strong chance of making a comeback.
  2. Who is currently nursing an injury in the Indian team?
    • Axar Patel is currently nursing an injury.
  3. How significant is the No.1 ODI ranking for the Indian team?
    • While it’s a positive achievement, Rohit Sharma believes in focusing on the present game rather than past rankings.
  4. How has the team been preparing for the World Cup?
    • The team has been challenging itself in tournaments like the Asia Cup and series against Australia to prepare for the World Cup.
  5. What is Rohit Sharma’s view on the upcoming World Cup?
    • Rohit emphasizes the importance of staying in the present, focusing on the game, and aiming for consistent performances in the World Cup.

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